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A modern approach to energy consultancy

For 20 years The Energy Exchange GB has been reducing the energy costs of commercial, industrial and public sector businesses. Whatever powers your company – gas, oil, diesel, water or LPG – our bespoke approach will lower your bills and increase your efficiency.


Utilising our bespoke Tariff Analysis software we identify potential tariff changes to reduce the cost of Electricity. We call this our “Energy Health Check” which can deliver real savings to our Clients. For larger consumers with Half Hourly Metering we are able to arrange tenders to match Clients particular requirements and not those of the suppliers. We can arrange upgraded metering as required to achieve any savings that may be available

Reactive Power Solutions

Reactive Power losses are easily identified on your energy bill. These costs can be eliminated utilizing power correction equipment.

Once identified we will provide the Client with detailed cost / benefit analysis showing how best to deal with this issue. This will include the cost of equipment and installation that we provide -v- the savings that shall be achieved and how that will impact on your energy consumption.

It is not just a case of eliminating the re-active power charges but reducing consumption and maximum demands and improved efficiency. Reactive power is often expressed as the Power Factor which should never fall below 90% (or.9).

Diesel, Oil & LPG

We are able to source these three energy products at competitive prices. We do the searching for you to save you time and money.


We can obtain low cost gas contracts based on your metering and consumption. Savings can often be made by ensuring the correct metering is in place. We can arrange upgraded metering as required to achieve any savings that may be available


We are able to reduce water costs by competitive tendering and the installation of pressure compensating valves, Shower Heads and in –line shower control valves. These can only be removed with the appropriate tool which reduces the risk of theft of these devices.


As business utility specialists, we provide a comprehensive package of commercial energy and water solutions. Our electric vehicle charging solutions are no exception, offering an end-to-end service from EV charge point installation through to energy supply and ongoing management.

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Letter Of Authority

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Metering & New Connections

We are able to provide metering solutions for new builds and refurbished property which are not tied to any particular energy supplier. This can save significant sums as the suppliers, when asked to arrange connections & metering do so on the basis of taking their “not so cheap” energy contracts as a condition of undertaking the installation work.

We think ahead

“We offer a bespoke solution to business, industrial and public sector consumers to ensure that they utilise the best tariffs to satisfy their unique needs”

John Sampson

founder of The Energy Exchange GB

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requiring power correction with a baseline power factor of 82%. Energy saved over the first year was an impressive 10.7%, Reactive Power unit charges eliminated saving £1400 per annum, Total savings in excess of £10,000. After cost of the necessary equipment, a net saving of £600 (11%) on their annual spend on electricity.

Cambridge Theatre

Savings on power of 20.5% following the appointment of a new facilities manager who already knew us achieved through a review of the supply capacities and tariff structures on each Hotel. A further 10% savings in gas at two of the hotels.

Hampshire based Group of hotels

originally being supplied on a Seasonal Time Of Day Tariff structure of 7 time bands more suitable for a Holiday camp than a manufacturing facility. We restructured the supply by reducing the reserve capacity by 100 killowatts and changed the supply structure a simple day / night structure. To date savings of 25% on a large Half Hourly metered supply.

Electronic components manufacturer


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