Energy Health Checks
at Energy Exchange GB

Our consultative approach to energy consumption and expenditure starts with an energy health check. Consider this as something akin to a commercial vehicle service or a general health check-up.

Bespoke Energy Services

No two commercial clients are the same which is why our services are always tailored.

Continued Consultancy

Our approach will mean your business continues to enjoy long-term lower energy costs.

A Unique Approach

We are different and we think our service quality demonstrates this perfectly.

Our Energy Health Check Process

We bring to the table over 20 years of commercial energy experience to assess your current usage and identify why and how your business is using energy. The aim of the exercise is to provide an in-depth analysis of your business needs with respect to energy so you can make an informed decision about what to do going forward.


What’s Involved in a Commercial Energy Health Check?

We’ll check everything to do with your firm’s energy usage including how much electricity is consumed on your premises and – crucially – when it is consumed. If you have renewable energy sources on site, then these will be taken into account as well as the sort of electrical tariffs and meters that are used to calculate your bills. We also deal with diesel, gas, LPG and other sources of energy costs. We can also offer advice and consultations on water and wastewater costs, if wanted.

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What Happens at the End of an Energy Health Check?

Following an energy health check by Energy Exchange GB, we’ll share our analysis with you. Everything is done in an open and honest way with nothing hidden. We are completely independent and provide tailored advice based on the data we’ve collected. With this information, we can then take matters forward, with your consent, to help reduce your energy overheads.

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