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Energy Exchange Consultancy Agreement

1. In accordance with these terms and conditions, the Client exclusively appoints The Energy Exchange (hereinafter referred to as “the company”) as it’s Utility Consultants for the duration of this agreement as confirmed in the Letter Of Authority signed by an authorised signatory for the Client.

2. The Company will provide the Client with the following services:- a) Detailed Tariff Analysis b) Provide contract offers for the supply of energy including Electricity, Gas, LPG, & heating Oil and any other product or service that the company may in future be able to provide. c) In the event of the company identifying any issues related to Re-active power losses, the company will provide a report detailing remedial actions that may be required along with detailed cost / benefit analysis. d) Identify savings in water costs that may result since deregulation of the water industry from April 2017 and arrange any necessary contract offers to secure said savings.

3. The Client Agrees that they shall not purchase any of the above services or products covered by this agreement from any other source, person, agency or supplier during the lifetime of this agreement.

4. The Client accepts that the company is acting as it’s agent and on it’s behalf when providing any or all of the services including, without limitation, negotiating with previous, existing and / or prospective utility suppliers.

5. Any Utility contract(s) arranged by the company will be between the Client and the suppliers recommended by the company.

6. The company shall not assume any direct or indirect responsibility, obligation or liability between the Client and the Suppliers.

7. The Client acknowledges that by signing the Letter Of Authority and Consultancy Agreement the Client has formally appointed the Company to act on it’s behalf and accepts these terms and conditions in full.

8. Data protection. The company shall adhere to the data protection legislation.

9. Fees. The Energy Exchange does not charge any fees for it’s services but is paid commission from suppliers for contracts that the company arranges.

10. At the end of the initial period of this appointment as stated in the Letter Of Authority, this agreement shall continue annually thereafter, subject only to 6 months written notice of termination.

11. In the event of premature termination, or the arrangement of energy contracts and services contrary to the terms of this agreement, the company shall be within it’s rights to recover any loss of earnings resulting from such any breach or premature termination.

12. Intellectual Property rights. Any Analysis covering tariff structures, contract tenders, re-active power solutions or any other subject, provided to the Client shall at all times remain the property of the company and shall not be disclosed to any third party or competitor without the express agreement of the company.

13. In the case of any dispute, this agreement will be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.
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Letter Of Authority

Dear Sir, I/we have appointed The Energy Exchange to act as our energy procurement and energy management advisors and, to comply with data protection legislation, authorise them to obtain from you any data they deem necessary for that purpose. This will include, though not exclusively, billing and consumption history, supply numbers, contract end dates and half-hourly data.

The Energy Exchange is also exclusively appointed to tender for and analyse all contract offers and to arrange acceptance, terminations and implementation of our energy contracts. Please ensure that your offers and, where appropriate, renewal offers are delivered to them in accordance with their terms of tender.

The Energy Exchange will raise and deal with complaints, adjustments, refunds and billing issues on our behalf to a satisfactory conclusion. Where the Energy exchange identifies REAP losses they shall provide a detailed report that shall include a cost over benefit analysis of installing power correction equipment (PCE). PCE are built to order to service the particular requirements of the energy supply and our consulting engineer shall undertake a site survey. Subject to the Client instructions, PCE will be supplied by The Energy Exchange and fitted by our contractors at list prices.

This appointment shall be for a minimum period of Three (3) years and after expiration of the minimum period shall continue annually thereafter, subject only to six (6) months written notice of termination.

During the lifetime of this appointment the Energy exchange shall monitor the Clients billing and consumption and shall have access to copy billing and Half Hourly data either on-line or, where necessary, hard copy.


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