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Requiring power correction with a baseline power factor of 82%. Energy saved over the first year was an impressive 10.7%, Reactive Power unit charges eliminated saving £1400 per annum, Total savings in excess of £10,000. After cost of the necessary equipment, a net saving of £600 (11%) on their annual spend on electricity.

Cambridge Theatre

Originally being supplied on a Seasonal Time Of Day Tariff structure of 7 time bands more suitable for a Holiday camp than a manufacturing facility. We restructured the supply by reducing the reserve capacity by 100 killowatts and changed the supply structure a simple day / night structure. To date savings of 25% on a large Half Hourly metered supply.

Electronic components manufacturer

Savings on power of 20.5% following the appointment of a new facilities manager who already knew us achieved through a review of the supply capacities and tariff structures on each Hotel. A further 10% savings in gas at two of the hotels.

Hampshire based Group of hotels

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