Vehicle Charging Points (VCPS)

We have a range of different vehicle charging point (VCP) infrastructure we can recommend depending on the specific business needs you have. Find out more below and get in touch with us today.

Bespoke Energy Services

No two commercial clients are the same which is why our services are always tailored.

Continued Consultancy

Our approach will mean your business continues to enjoy long-term lower energy costs.

A Unique Approach

We are different and we think our service quality demonstrates this perfectly.

Our Vehicle Charging Point Solutions

Our fair and transparent approach to VCPs means we have no vested interests in any particular solution provider, allowing us to make tailored advice. This is why we do things differently at Energy Exchange GB – because we know the outcomes will always be preferable when they’ve been fully personalised following a consultation.

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Why Are VCPs Important in Any Energy Health Check Today?

If you ask us for an energy health check, we’ll look into your energy consumption in the round, asking whether your business would benefit from a VCP or two not just for your own fleet of electrically powered vehicles and hybrids but those used by your customers, too. Depending on your business’s requirements, we’ll make suggestions about the most cost-effective way forward and what sort of charging equipment would be best given the energy consumption the cause.

Energy Health Checks

Commercial Benefits of VCPs

At Energy Exchange GB, we have 20+ years of experience in the energy sector to bring to the table. This means we can help your company to exploit all of the commercial benefits of a VCP including, green branding, generating a revenue stream and lowering operational fleet costs, among others. Bear in mind that all of the advice we offer will be given under the strictest privacy terms given how commercially sensitive such information can be in certain sectors.

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