Energy Consultations
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We provide an in-depth analysis of your business’s energy usage to work out where savings could be made and will provide you with a consultation report that makes it clear where action is required and where it is not.

Bespoke Energy Services

No two commercial clients are the same which is why our services are always tailored.

Continued Consultancy

Our approach will mean your business continues to enjoy long-term lower energy costs.

A Unique Approach

We are different and we think our service quality demonstrates this perfectly.


Why Book an Energy Consultation With Us?

With decades of experience to draw upon, Energy Exchange GB is the ideal consultancy to turn to for an energy consultation or health check. Whether you need a meter change, a new tariff from your electrical supplier, could make use of a more strategic approach to renewables or even if you need help with your energy VAT payments, we will leave no stone unturned with our individual approach.


Ongoing Consultations

Businesses need to know that their energy consultation has delivered cost savings. That’s why our service is ongoing. We’ll be with you every step of the way to provide the cost-benefit analysis that businesses need. If, down the line, we identify a change you could make with your firm’s energy strategy, then we’ll suggest a suitable way forward, for example, by installing vehicle charging points (VCPs) rather than relying on office-run mains electricity.

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We Do Things Differently

At Energy Exchange GB, we are more than a mere comparison consultancy which scours the market for the lowest price energy. We factor in everything – from water consumption to electrical usage out of usual business hours – to provide you with a truly tailored energy solution. What’s more, our consultative approach is completely honest and open meaning that you remain in control whatever your commercial requirements happen to be, whether your business is growing at pace or would like to consolidate its energy consumption for a while to manage risk better.

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