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We identified issues at a hotel and arranged for the necessary remedial work. Once installed, gross savings in excess of £7,000 were achieved. The cost of equipment was £3,000, providing a net saving of £4,000 in the first year. Savings resulted from eliminating reactive power charges, reduced reserve capacity charges and an 8.5% reduction in energy consumed through greater energy efficiency as a direct result of the installation of power correction equipment.

A college approached us because they were not sure that a public sector ‘buying group’ they were working with were providing the best solutions. After completing our tariff analysis we identified immediate savings in excess of £2,400 per annum. These savings were supplemented by further economies through competitive tendering to realise total savings in excess of £6,000 per annum.

A health care group with five sites approached The Energy Exchange GB for help with its energy tariffs. We identified a range of changes that could be made to these tariffs, giving the client an instant saving of £6,320


Through working with The Energy Exchange GB, a joinery factory experienced instant savings of £2,888

A theatre’s REAP issue brought them to The Energy Exchange GB. With costs of £3,800 and net savings in the first year of £6,200, in total we saved them £10,000

Tariff analysis of a rugby club generated savings of £4,300

A car bodywork repair shop saved an initial £3,450 through working with The Energy Exchange GB

A college came to us wanting to save money on their gas and electricity bills. Our work lowered their gas bill by £7,500 and electricity bill by £3,300