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At Energy Exchange GB, we have a proud track record of energy health checks and consultations stretching back over 20 years. This means we have helped countless businesses to reduce their energy costs and energy consumption, improving their bottom line and, in many cases, their carbon footprint, too. We can help with commercial electricity and gas tariffs as well as diesel, oil, LPG and water expenditure plus vehicle charging points. If you want to drive down operational costs, why not get in contact with us today?

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Care and Attention in What We Do

As a long-standing consultancy firm specialising in energy costs, we have a great deal of expertise and experience to draw upon. No matter which sector your business works in, we can help you to reduce your expenditure and operate more cost-effectively. Everything we do is open and verifiable so you can see how much you’re saving.

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We appreciate that allowing us to review your current energy consumption and expenditure can be commercially sensitive. That’s why we operate professionally and in your company’s best interests at all times. Find out more about our consultations or ask us about what would be entailed in an energy health check for your business right now.

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Requiring power correction with a baseline power factor of 82%. Energy saved over the first year was an impressive 10.7%, Reactive Power unit charges eliminated saving £1400 per annum, Total savings in excess of £10,000. After cost of the necessary equipment, a net saving of £600 (11%) on their annual spend on electricity.

Cambridge Theatre

Originally being supplied on a Seasonal Time Of Day Tariff structure of 7 time bands more suitable for a Holiday camp than a manufacturing facility. We restructured the supply by reducing the reserve capacity by 100 killowatts and changed the supply structure a simple day / night structure. To date savings of 25% on a large Half Hourly metered supply.

Electronic components manufacturer

Savings on power of 20.5% following the appointment of a new facilities manager who already knew us achieved through a review of the supply capacities and tariff structures on each Hotel. A further 10% savings in gas at two of the hotels.

Hampshire based Group of hotels

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