P272: What it means for your business

If your organisation is using advanced non half hourly meters in profile class 05-08, according to P272 these now need to go through a Change of Measurement Class (CoMC) process to a half hourly ‘settlement’ – an indication of the supply and demand of electricity within a set timeframe.

The initiative was put in place to increase efficiency between NHH and HH supplies and processes, and the change means that you will be able to more accurately measure your energy consumption and therefore choose the most appropriate tariffs for your needs.

Suppliers will utilise default metering suppliers and default energy tariffs which will lead to a substantial rise in costs. We have our own meter installers who work at very competitive rates and we arrange supply contracts independant of the meter provider. This ensures that your costs are kept as low as possible.

We are here to assist you in this process – if the change is not managed by a broker, your supplier will utilise their default providers which could lead to a rise in rates.

For more information, contact 01449 723 778 or email john@energyexchangegb.com

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